Time Out has drawn a pretty comprehensive list of London’s best record shops. You’ll find the main descriptions and comments below. More details are available by clicking on the links. I’ve added some pics to add some life and help you figure out what each shop is really about. Needless to say that my heart goes to BM Soho, for his fantastic selection of fresh electro in all its forms including house and drum ‘n’ bass, the UK specialities. Continue reading



You will for sure spend some good time here if you start mingling with Joao, the owner. He travels several times a year to his home country , Brazil, and carries back some rare records of Brazilian music from the sixities and seventies. He specializes in psychedelic, funk and disco and can for sure give satisfaction to the most curious of you. Tropicalia in Furs offers as well a good selection of used vinyls mainly from the 60’s and 70’s for an affordable price . Continue reading